Digital Social Capital Ƶ on Telegram Network
Just add the bot to your channel or group to award others or collect VIZ as awards

Users decide who deserves a reward and for what

Telegram VIZ Blockchain

Start new chat with bot: @viz_social_bot

How to add Telegram social bot to group?

Open Group Info window and press Add members from additional menu:

Type in @viz_social_bot and press Add button:

Now you can reply to others and award them with + symbol:

How to add Telegram social bot to channel?

Open Channel Info window and press Manage Channel from additional menu:

Open Administrators manage window by pressing Administrators button:

Press Add administrator button:

Type in @viz_social_bot and press on it:

Press on Save button:

All is done :) Just write the channel post and bot will be add buttons to it automatically:

Collect rewards!